My profile Performing Art Photography

I am a freelancer photographer specialize in Performing Art Photography and my work is inevitably connected to my studies of Fine Art and my experience as a professional dancer.

I photograph the opera, drama and especially dance. I work with in theaters, established dance companies, choreographers and independent artists.

As well art gallerie’s exhibition and Art projects  are part of my personal work.

I offer not only the photography production but the whole realization of the concept of image for a theater dance company, art production, or presentation of a solo artist.


Listen to the silence as it echoes around you, ancient spirits dance to it.
Amber Coverdale Sumrall
My  photography is inevitably connected to my studies of Fine Art and my background as a professional dancer and choreographer.

When I photograph a dance performance, somehow there is a way to sense what is going to happen, there is an organic and intuitive relationship between what is happening and the action of pressing the button on the camera.

On the stage to photograph a choreographic piece is not just about getting beautiful images of dance, it is also about therefore capturing the style of the choreographer, effects of lighting, stage and costume design.

Offstage, in the studio or locations is where I develop my own projects. This is a photo-choreographic process, where I use the music to encourages the performer to improvise without poses.

My task, therefore, is to guide the aesthetics along side the personality of every artist, and to combine both the expression and technical ability of the performer.

I do not apply any supplementary montage or digital tricks, my photographs are instantaneous.

More than ten years of experience working in theaters, dance companies and with recognized choreographers has given me the opportunity to develop a method of dance photography.


Inside us there is something that has no name,
that something, is what we are.  
José Saramago

My photography is about creativity and emotions and my work in the studio includes portraiture.

Usually my subjects are dancers, musicians and actors, artists with a greater sense of originality and the aesthetic. My images are the result of a constant and friendly exchange with my subjects and my studio is a space to share experiences.

I photograph groups or single portraits of dancers, actors, musicians, painters and other artists and my images are usually published in magazine covers, portfolios, album covers, programs, web sites or as part of my personal work for art exhibitions.


Go to where the silence is and say something
Amy Goodman

I began with the studies of the classical analog black and white photography and I think this remains at my current work. My urban and landscape images are photographic projects that although I use the new digital techniques, I always maintain the poetry of black and white photography.