I would love to guide you deeply into the world of my photography.

You are going to discover images of dance with exciting action shots,
portraits of artists, landscapes,
cities and interesting places. 
You will find as well making-of videos and photomovies of my art projects.

Ismael Lorenzo is a freelance photographer, specialized in Performing Arts-, Portrait- and Documentation-Photography. His work is exhibited in art galleries throughout Europe. He was studying Visual Arts at the National School of Arts in Havana, Cuba, when he discovered his passion for photography and dance. After intensive studies of classical ballet, Ismael developed a successful career as a professional dancer. In 2002, at the end of his career as a performer, he opened his own photo studio in Basel, Switzerland, his focus still clearly on the familiar world of dance.

“When I take a photograph I believe I am not just behind the camera..."

"...my background in painting and as a dancer is there with me.“